Reporter, on assignment

June 23, 2013

Jack charged me with managing the masses today and writing all about it. He had a flight to catch and wasn’t going to be able to do his usual duties. Hence, I actually arrived on Park Avenue early! Christine, via bicycle, was there already and Atif too. I had arrived with a clipboard and pen […]

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Fathers Day 2013

June 16, 2013

The day started way hotter than I expected. Somebody who has yet to observe Fathers Day left the grill burning for a few hours, after throwing a burger and buns on in the wee hours of the morning before falling asleep on the couch. You’ve seen the remains of cars that burn up? You should have […]

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It was stinky hot out there

June 9, 2013

I really think I need to toss these red 12-year old running shorts. There are too many miles stunk into them to tolerate in the company of others after a run, indoors, with non-runners. It is effective at keeping them at a distance but maybe it’s just time. Even I can’t stand them anymore. You […]

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Irregular run-beat

June 8, 2013

I failed, in more ways than one. Then I succeeded to the satisfaction of many but I still need to go run. I will resume tomorrow. Failure 1 is classified. Nobody was happy about it and a lot of people went to work to fix it, especially me. Failure 2 was not writing up the […]

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Pristine idyllic running weather

May 27, 2013

Jack called it pristine. Then he changed it to idyllic. Either way was fine with me. It was that kind of great running conditions Sunday. Temps in the low 60s and sunny skies. There was some humidity but it was not too horrible. The air was bright and clear. I started slowly, like creaky runners […]

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It’s a matter of mind over matter

May 19, 2013

A day at the beach can do wonders. After an intense week, it was time to go sniff salt air and watch ocean water move. As a sign of maturity, I did not get a sunburn or scorch my soles on hot asphalt or boardwalks. Amazing, how one can mature so much in just one […]

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Eloquence lost here

May 14, 2013

Eloquence was lost on Sunday after my thoughtful reflection on the Sunday run, when, in essence, Word Press ate my blog post. Even the master could not do anything for me. So I will regurgitate keywords from that post for those who might gather meaning from them: Heavy … high-school IB smarty pants … reverse […]

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There’s no crying in running

May 5, 2013

Bob has flown north.  Well, not really. He drove. But he’s gone for the summer and that left Jack alone in an age category that is no less than three groups older than any other age group represented in the Orlando Runners Club Sunday Morning Gang. Fortunately, he had me to keep him company this […]

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Happy birthday Bob

April 28, 2013

It took a well-promoted and well-orchestrated effort on Jack’s part this week to compel me to get up and out the door this morning for a run with the Orlando Sunday Morning Running Group. Jack actually did so marvelous a job in his email invitation that he drew out a lot of runners who haven’t […]

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You want answers? I have answers!

April 10, 2013

So where’ve you been? Well, I can tell you where I haven’t been … much. On the roads, on foot, in my running shoes. What’ve you been doing? Mostly, I’ve been relishing the start of baseball season. Son #1 was home for a week and we took in some spring training games. Plus I had […]

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Not much out there except humidity

March 24, 2013

Today was a run day after two earlier ones this week. Unfortunately, it was the preamble to summer running with temps in the upper 60s and 1,000% humidity. Adjusting accordingly, I ran at Jack-speed even though he wasn’t here. That put me in the company of Bob R. (a/k/a non-stop Bob) as we swept up […]

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Three different things

March 17, 2013

Today’s weather was perfect for running. Bright sunshine, low 50s temps, no wind, low humidity. Perfect. It wasn’t terribly different from last Sunday except in three ways: 1. I did not lose an hour of sleep this weekend. Last weekend I was late to the run start. 2. Last weekend I didn’t eat before hurrying […]

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