New York time

by david on November 1, 2014

It’s November and time for performance. Tomorrow is the NYC Marathon and I’ll be following along with seven year-old memories of my own run through the boroughs. Neighbor Julie and near-elite runner Heather are on my tracking list. I’m sure I’ll find others. New York is unique. Isn’t it amazing that 50,000 people will finish 26.2 mile runs in Central Park tomorrow? I walked through the park in September and there were runners everywhere, out putting in their miles. I wish I was there now.

Where am I? I’m on track in training to earn the 2014 Challenger medal at the Space Coast Half Marathon  November 30. I haven’t missed a mile since training began and I’m enjoying the dialed-back demands of half training vs. full training. Where I’d run lots of long-run miles three days a week in marathon training, I’m enjoying shorter runs five days a week in half training. My annual mileage is still on track (ahead of) my 1,000 mile goal. October was my top mileage month of the year and sixth highest monthly total in the last 58 months.

I made a pact with Runner Susan after our harrowing final 10 miles of the 2013 Space Coast Marathon that we were done with 26.2-milers. I considered rescinding my agreement when the pain wore off but while reflecting on my 15 marathons I could only count three as satisfactory finishes. That’s bad odds for future happiness. (New York, Hartford and Gasparilla were the good ones).

I feared the loss of  rigor in marathon training would lead me into a running decline. I knew the training was what really mattered for my physical health, not the race. Fortunately, the opposite has turned out to be the case and I’m feeling as good as ever.

I hope to return to road-trip racing again sometime soon so I can visit my Running Blog Family members and other good friends.