Twice better half way through

by david on June 29, 2014

I record everything. Not audio or video but data points. Especially running data. Today was my last run day in June which is the half way mark in the year of 2014 running. After another month of 80+ miles I sit at 501 for the year. My goal is 1,000 for the year so I’m right on pace.

1,000 per year has been my standard target since 2005. I’ve made it five times.

Last year’s dismal 768 was the lowest annual log since ten years ago. In fact, on June 30 last year I stood at 250 miles. Comparing that to this year, I go “whoa. Nice job, Thomas.”

I’m not training for a marathon this year, just a half. Sitting at 500 or more miles on June 30 has only happened twice before (2007 and 2008) so I’m feeling strong about summer and fall training. The Space Coast Half could be a fun ride.

Oh, and I’m only 140 miles away from running half way around the world (24,857 miles around). I started counting in 1999. Not bad for a guy who’s in his 60s. A guy in his 30s told me on Friday he pegged me for about 45 years old. He’s either a really poor judge of age or I’m looking good. I’ll run with it. It’s what I do.