Newfound fun

by david on February 17, 2014

A lot of realizations have come into my head since the last time I entered here. The essence of it is that short races are easier for me and more rewarding. I have two negative-split 5Ks to prove it.

That’s not to say I’m done with long races – I signed up for the Space Coast HALF Marathon in November, which keeps me on track to snag a Milky Way Big Bang medal in 2015. Plus their Challenger shuttle race shirt is black and very cool, a huge departure from the legacy white shirt. Everybody will want one and I’ll have mine.

5K Bliss. I ran the Park Avenue 5.2K in January, the day before my birthday, and ran 9:08, 8:31 and 8:07 miles, plus a 1:51 finish. It was exhilarating to cut mile times down so much through the run. I surprised myself. Tailing some fast legs in the last mile helped me get to the finish soon! I came away satisfied like I haven’t been in a marathon length of time, pun intended.

The Run Through the Pines Feb. 15 was equally special. I figured that I could start faster than the January race. I was hoping to do well on a nice 47 degree morning. I nailed a 8:24, 8:22 and 8:21, plus the :50 change to put up a 26:03. That was great. It was not any better than 29th on my history of 5K races list but it was my fastest 5K since 2008.

I’m six weeks into the new year and I’m averaging 19-20 miles per week every week and the speed work I’m doing is helping me be fast for the short races. Plus my long runs on Sundays (10-11 miles) are getting easier to run throughout (vs. Galloway-ing marathon pace).

It’s a good time for me running. I hope to keep it up through until summer.