Would I do it again?

by david on January 20, 2014

Yesterday, it was “cold” outside. That’s a relative term. Running in cold temperatures usually brings a lot of speed out of me, I guess because we run faster to get warm and stay that way. Plus we don’t labor in breathing.

On the other hand, I tend to shy away from “really” cold days. I can run in the 50s and love it. 40s require a little more commitment and layering. Being outside when the thermometer drops all the way down in the 30s is just not my cup of tea. Actually, I prefer hot chocolate at that point. Let the record show, I’ve never run in any temps below freezing.

I knew it would be really cold Sunday morning and I had to do 10 miles to stay on track to run 20 miles a week and more than 1,000 miles for the year. Would I go or would I roll over? There are plenty of warmer months and marathon training weeks when more than 20 miles can make up for shorter weeks in the cold frigid winter.

Here’s where I give credit to being a member of the Orlando Sunday Runners Club. You have to be there for your running buds, no matter what the conditions.

It was 37 degrees. In ten years, I’ve only run in 30-degree temps nine times. It was time for the tenth 30s run.

I wore tights and shorts, a double layer of long-sleeve dry-fit shirts, a windbreaker, gloves, a running cap and nylon skull cap. It was fantastic. I ran fast and felt great. By Mile 4, I took off the gloves, windbreaker and skull cap. I was overheating. Cheryl, Christine and Pumpkin were my buds for all 10 miles. Eammon and Chris were also with us early on. We got a lot done in conversation and exercise.

Afterwards, we met up at Panera Bread with Jack and Bob, their wives, Charlene, and Mark for extended morning runner revelry. It was a beautiful day.

Record Book: 30 Degree Runs 2014 – 37; 2013 -39, 2012 – 34; 2011 – 36 and 38; 2010 – 38, 33 and 38; 2009 – 39 and 35; 2008 and 2007 – none; 2006 – 35; 2005 and 2004 – none.

david January 20, 2014 at 7:57 pm

What you said!!!? Okay. Which one?

RS January 20, 2014 at 8:55 am

Why is it that when we run together we always seem to bring extreme heat? Chicago, Cowtown. I’d like one of those 30 degree temps for our next marathon. (did i say next???)

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