Running like I mean it

by david on January 13, 2014

Last year, as we saw in last year’s last post, was not very strong on meeting mileage goals. Since 2006, I’ve set 1,000 as the goal. It seems I get behind early and then catch up in the summer drenching heat. Not this time, my friends. I’m out to put in 20 a week even if it’s cold outside.

Last week it was cold outside and I rolled over instead of running. Friday came and the record book read “0.” Not good. So Saturday it was mild and pleasant. I slept in and laced up around noon. Noon is a very unfamiliar time for me to run. If it gets past 9 a.m. I’m usually a quitter. But I have this goal, see. And I didn’t want to get behind. So I ran around Lake Virginia on my 6.2 mile route. It was warm and I did some run-walk intervals of varying distances, just messing with it.

Sunday I got up at a correct time (not 15 minutes before the run started, as I did the week before). It was a crisp 58 out and it was glorious on the roads with stark blue skies above. I ran with Ed, Chris, Eamon and a new resident couple moved from Maine. We went out fairly fast and I kept up for four miles. Ed, Chris and Eamon peeled off and then the couple followed their iPhone GPS route and they were gone. So I settled in for another nine miles, putting up 13.2 for the day. A back-to-back weekend run regimen. And I didn’t hurt a lick. It was fantastic. A good amount of stretching made it survivable.

After the run there was breakfast at Panera with Jack, Mary, Bob, Beth, Eamon, and Charlene. A fine morning. Run on, my friends.