Still running after all that spacey stuff

by david on December 8, 2013

Monday was recovery day. Tuesday was standing-upright day. Wednesday morning was time to shake out the kinks left over from the race so I ran a brisk three miles. I actually felt great during and after the run. It was later, that afternoon, that stiffness returned, then a student shot a student at one of our schools and there was no shortage of movement to deal with after that.

Thursday was a blur of more work and Friday I decided to go out again for four miles. And again, I felt great during and right after the run. The sludge had run its course. And Saturday, I went to see Amy who found more distress in my left shoulder than anywhere else. An ITB band here, a quad there, but mostly shoulder kinks. Her deep touch made it all right and so I posted up to go 10 on Sunday.

It was a perfect 66 degrees and sunny, and I ran with Christine and Ed for three miles, occasionally speeding up as faster runners passed us. I was corrected by both of them on every occasion. Ed pealed off and Rose appeared from somewhere and Christine, Rose and I ran another two miles before they turned to finish a 7-miler and I pushed forward to go 10. And I did.

When I lost the freshness of the early miles I toyed with Jeff Galloway’s Space Coast BQ-qualifying method of running 30 seconds, then walking 15. I did that for awhile and it was an adjustment. I upped it to 40/20 for the last three miles and found I could always get the speed up after each short break. I can imagine it would be manageable. Then again, this was doing it on the front side of 26.2 miles, 16 of which I did not do this morning.

So I’ll enter some short races for awhile and see if I can get faster and enjoy a few more runs at speed. I’ll keep up the 10-milers for good measure, in case a nice half comes along. No matter what, I’m loving our Florida weather so far this month while everybody else is freezing.