it’s go time which precedes show time

by david on November 30, 2013

Runner Susan has been with us since Thanksgiving. We’ve eaten well, seen the sites including about nine peacocks near Seth’s house, had lunch on the Avenue, done some shopping, been for a massage, packed our bags, picked our running attire …. and now it’s time to go to Cocoa for the race.

Kennedy Space Center for check in. Hotel to check in. Beach to check out. Race course to check out. Dinner to down. Sleep to bank. Wake up. Fuel up. Shuttle to the start line and then … it’s countdown to show time. Weather forecast is perfect for a “let’s just finish and go back to the beach” vs. “bundle up to throw off layers, run fast and PR.” Low of 60. High of 80. Sun. Oh well.

See you on the flip side.