Countdown to the countdown

by david on November 25, 2013

The huge video screen at the start line is just one instant memory I have of my three prior Space Coast marathons. The countdown to the race start is brought to life in the replay of a space shuttle launch out on the cape. The NASA soundtrack reverberates in my head as the crowd roars and runs.

In six days time Runner Susan and I will be out there at 6:30 a.m. for the trek up and down the intracoastal’s west shore. Weather forecasts look promising with mid- to upper-5os at the start and a maybe too-high 75 later in the day, which usually coincides with my finish time.

The last long run of training went by nicely on Sunday. Ten miles is just one simple turn around the Orlando Runners Club Winter Park loop. I ran with Cheryl, who was without Pumpkin today, and we poked along at a pace slower than she likes and a tick faster than I like, but it was worth it. We spent four miles reviewing the intricacies of fantasy baseball, then picked up Jamie at a water stop and ushered her around the full 10-mile loop for the first time. She’s “certified” now!

Breakfast followed at Panera’s with Christine, Jack, his bride Mary, and Eamonn from Ireland. I proved once more (to myself) that I have been putting a lot of food down the pipe over the last few weeks. In the heat of September I was down to 161 lbs. Now I’m holding around 165/166.

Well, it’s time to plan the Cocoa trip. Weather is finally chilling down so clothing must adjust accordingly. Groceries and fuel must be stocked up for the weekend trip. Running kit must be decided upon plus packing all the accessories of a marathon outing. A little excitement is creeping in to my tired aching body and with the slow low-mileage week, I’ll be good to go, come Sunday. Countdown is on.