Cutting back never felt so good

by david on November 17, 2013

There were only three weeks between then and when I would suffer the indignity of crossing a finish line with the face of exhaustion and the crippled sense of not having it anymore. That’s the way I felt a week ago when I “completed” (a very inaccurate term) a 22.4 mile run. It took five hours to go that far it and I was 24 minutes late for a brunch appointment with my good friend Richard John P. who flew in from New York City just to have brunch and tour Park Avenue for an exqusitie exotic car to buy. Fortunately the meet up went as planned and was a delightful distraction from the gnawing feeling I had that reminded me why marathons are brutal.

The too-often feeling of failure to run it out for a full 26.2 miles is a real downer for me. If it were not for the few fine finishes I have had among the fourteen races before this next one, I’d not be on this trek into the long run personal record book. Thanks to Hartford, New York, and Gasparilla, I’ve found the challenge appealing.

Whether this fourth escapade along the river in Cocoa turns out alright is, as always, a fateful uncertainty. I’ll have Runner Susan to complain to or to keep me honest and running. We’ve done this three times before so we know each other’s weaknesses. I’m hoping for the best and making the most of the shorter taper runs between last week and Dec. 1.

Today I ran 15 miles and took it very easy, jogging along with Jack for miles 4-8. The other miles were on my own and, while not well disciplined, there was still some go-go in my legs when I finished. Not much, but fortunately I was done running for the day.

Two weeks to go.