Leaving China now.

by david on October 27, 2013

I’ve kept a log of my running since 1999 which overlooks my many miles logged as a speedy adolescent and teenager, and the decades in between which amounted to next to nothing. Nevertheless, since 1999 I’ve logged 11,512 miles which, according to my Dead Runner Society tracking file, is not quite half way around the world. Today, I though to see where that would get me from here, in Central Florida. Well, if I were able to run on water and simply headed east straight from where I am standing, I’d be have crossed the Atlantic, Africa, the Middle East, India and China. I’d be on the eastern shores of China today, ready to run over the Pacific Ocean. I’m hoping to make it home by 2033.

I also discovered today, after telling everyone I had five weeks of training left before the Space Coast Marathon, that my training schedule only has four weeks left on it. I started training too early it seems, or thought it was just fine to run a marathon the Sunday before the Space Coast M. I think I’ll just repeat the week I just ran and add three extra miles to the long run (to 19 again).

Today was a cool 59 degrees out there. I was not overheating for a minute. A great day. I put in 3.6 miles before the 7 a.m. Sunday Morning Pack took off, and followed that with 12.4 more. The early, dark run had its highlights. A fast blonde female runner named Jamie crossed my path on Palmer Avenue. She got ahead of me aways then I saw her running back my way. She said a Toyota Forerunner was driving by her more times than was natural at that time of a Sunday morning and was asking for a wingman. I obliged for about a half mile before my route took me on one different from her. i told her to not worry too much. She could outrun just about anybody. I learned later she may have been the same woman who, several years ago, was run off the road while running by some guy in a truck, on a road very close to where we were this morning. That time she got away and ran to someone’s house she knew nearby and banged on the door. Scary.

I also ran into my former neighbor Sabina, who is a tall blonde runner who runs 12 miles every Sunday but never races. She had a sidekick running with her but they stopped to say hi and visit for half a minute or so. It’s been awhile since she moved away so it was nice to see her smile again, even if it was dark out and only a street light to see by.

I knocked out my 16 and visited with Jack, his wife Mary, and Charline at Panera’s afterward. Charline was sporting a RUN NPT T-shirt from her time in Rhode Island recently. She agreed with my own assessment that there is no more scenic race course than the Amica Marathon/Half Marathon course in Newport. It is spectacular and the town is worth the visit anytime.