4:00:00. 19.0.

by david on October 20, 2013

My training schedule said to do 20 miles today. I figured all sorts of ways to cover the ground but, in the end, I decided I’d run four hours, no matter how far it was. After all, I’d done 19 miles in 3:35 a few weeks ago. I half expected it’d be an easy 20+ miles in four hours.

Well, I was leg-tired right from the start. I did a lot of yard work yesterday and it seems to have had an effect. I kept to my 9.5 minutes run/60 second walk plan with a few adjustments when near water stops. As I ate more Shot Bloks, my strength and pace rose to be comfortable. It was late in the morning when I stopped striding and starting slow-jogging. I had a hard time staying upright and hips forward. My fueling went well and made a difference when I took it. It was just a hard day to run. Net-net: 19 miles.

No breeze. Temps in the 70s. Nobody ran with me despite my timing putting me at Park Avenue at 7 a.m. where a large crowd was ready to go.

I was out the door and running by 5:20. I covered what I thought was eight miles, running the Sunday course in reverse. It always looks and feels different running that way. My timing was spot on but it turned out to only be 7.6 miles.

I turned around and went the full 10.2-mile circuit plus the out and back over the bridge and on the Isle of Sicily, which I had been told was a mile but was really only 3/4 miles.

Earlier this week I logged 4×1600 at 9:01 average pace. Then I put in 7.8 miles on Thursday. Adding up the three days’ runs came to 32.8 miles for the week which was 1.2 miles less than my goal for the week, which also happened to be the peak mileage week of the entire marathon training plan. Next week dials back some (26 miles) and then on Nov. 3 I plan to run 4.5 hours for my long run, no matter how far that takes me. I expect I’ll be clocking another five hour marathon in Cocoa on Dec.1 so I might as well get closer/used to it.

How many more of these do I have in me?

Christine October 21, 2013 at 7:56 am

Sorry you didn’t have any company even post-7a, but on the plus side (1) you got your mileage in and (2) your car didn’t get towed this week. Hooray!

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