Energized by cool crisp fall Florida weather … it’s 69F

by david on October 16, 2013

Since it’s been so long since I last posted, I’ll just chalk it up to laziness. I coulda. I shoulda. I didn’t.

My shoulder healed nicely. I even went back out and did some more hedge trimming to see how stupid I could be in one month. Alas, I held the trimmer in the proper way so that it did not tear the shoulder apart.

I resumed running at 100% or more of-plan the week of September 16 and have been loyal to it ever since, actually running more long miles on Sundays than the plan calls for. Like, 19 on Oct. 6. This coming Sunday I will be reminded what 20 feels like.

The 19-miler was actually easier than the 16 I did last Sunday. I blame it on Chris A. who ran with me for miles 7-10 at a pace I probably should have held back on. Nevertheless, it was “cool” out and it felt good. Towards the end, after an ice pop stop with Cheryl, Katy, Rich and Seth (and Pumpkin) at mile 11, I had to dig deep to keep my form. Later that day, I napped very hard.

The drama of last Sunday was coming back to Park Avenue to find my car gone. There was an art festival in the adjacent Central Park but none of the booths were in the street. When I arrived at O-dark-thirty, I didn’t see any No Parking signs. And the officer on duty in her car didn’t say boo when I drove by and parked 60 yards in front of her nor when I jogged by to start my run.

3.5 hours later, I approached another officer to find out where my car was. He said it’d just been picked up. He got on the phone to find out where it was. Fortunately the city was sensitive enough to only have it towed to City Hall, a block away. I walked over there to watch it being unloaded off the flatbed. The city waived the towing fee and did not ticket me so I avoided further humiliation and protest. Thank goodness.

I’m looking forward to some more nice weather in the remaining weeks until the Space Coast Marathon. Sadly, there are “no rooms at the inn” so Runner Susan and I will not be bunking on the beach before the race. We’ll be driving from Orlando. Unless somebody has some room for us (hint hint).