I just needed a shot in the arm … err, shoulder

by david on September 15, 2013

After four beautifully executed weeks of 100% marathon training, with tempo runs, track work and increasingly longer long runs, I came upon Labor Day. In the spirit of making the most of a day off, I undertook some much-needed yard work; the variety of yard work about which “management”  makes certain comments  now and then that I hear but take time to execute. Hence the 20 shrubs in the front yard required some substantial pruning and reshaping into perfectly singular spheroids. That required some serious torque and contortion with the gas hedge trimmer which resulted in a shoulder to kill me. In the end, two weeks later, X-rays revealed some serious calcification going on up there around the rotator cuff that doesn’t play well with muscles forced to do what they must do to perfectly sculpt hedges. So a lot of ice was used. A lot of sleep was lost. A lot of pain never stopped. Until last Monday when a cortisone shot relieved the number 1 bad boy muscle that was the most inflamed. Others were jealous but had to get by with heat packs and ibuprofen. There’s tendonitis involved there too so I’m using the resistance bands that brought me back in 2005 when I did something similar to the same shoulder.

So today was Return-to-Running Day. Unlike my scheduled 15 miler I chose to go less. How much was up to what my body could take. It turned out to be eight miles and that was just about enough to get me back to a routine to resume at the track on Tuesday.

I enjoyed seeing Marty this morning. It’s been years but, as we ran with Jack, giving him all the grief we could, the bantering all came back quite nicely. Likewise it was a surprise to see Dave #1 again after a few years. He said he got tired of all his “friends” at the gym. They all wear headphones/earbuds. I enjoyed breakfast at Panera with Jack and Mary after our runs and I enjoyed my nap when I got home. Now I have to go stretch my shoulder muscles.