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by david on July 21, 2013

I get a pass on this one. My blog’s server was attacked my mutant Ninja gremlins. Or so I was told, in so many words. Now I’m back with a lot of ground to make up.

Marathon/Race Training

I am mostly on track to begin marathon training the week of August 5. My goal was to build my base up to 20 miles a week, from a 15-mile month (April). Over the last five weeks, I’ve logged 17, 19, 13, 18 and 15 miles. Now that the Space Coast Half-Marathon has sold out (!), I have no choice to but to train and run the full. Even more compelling, Runner Susan has bought her plane tickets and is coming in to run with me on December 1.

My summer race season starts this week too, with a 10-miler (Blessing of the Fleet, Narragansett, RI) and my fifth-time appearance in the John and Jesse Kelly Ocean Beach 11.6 mile race in New London, CT.  I look forward to my annual reunion with the Running Chick with the Orange Hat, Dianna Hyland. Either daisies or wood are appropriate for a fifth anniversary, right?

Diana is instantly faster than me, as is evident about 10 strides off the starting line, but we’re old blogging buddies, current Facebook pals and we never miss a chance to meet up for this mid-summer unusual distance race. It’s the 51st annual edition.

San Diego

I had the very good fortune to visit San Diego for the first time, July 5-13. Even though I was holed up in hotel conference rooms most of the time, I did get to run along the San Diego Bay three times, for a total 16 miles.

There’s one thing to say about San Diego. The weather is mostly perfect and there’re certainly plenty of ships and helicopters, thanks to the Navy and Marines.  I took in the U.S. Midway Museum at a private party, the Fluxx nightclub in the Gaslight Quarter, five trips on the Coaster commuter up to Oceanside to see 1LT & Mrs. T. Thomas, a trip to Julian, CA for lunch and fresh apple pie, a tour of Camp Pendleton, lunch at the Pendleton Golf Club and a baseball game at Petco Park (Giants @ Padres). It was Fedora Night and I have to say a fedora looks pretty good on this noggin.

Back Home

Last week was busy at work so I missed my runs, Mon-Thur, so I ran five on Friday at 10.5 today. The Orlando Runners Club crowd was strong for a mid-summer steamer. Jack counted 14 of us. I wonder if he saw Luis sneak in a little late.

I opted to run 9-minute/walk 90-second repeats instead of my previous mash-up long runs with walk breaks. It worked pretty well because I cut my per mile pace down from 11:44 to 11:09. I played tag with Christine and Jamie over the first five miles, passing them on my runs and being passed on my walks. Jack pulled up early with hamstring problems but I got to see him (and Mary) at Panera’s after the run. Christine and Aussie Luke were there too for what turned out to be a looooong breakfast gabfest. They must have been there an hour before I got there and were still there when I left 45 minutes later. We had some good conversation, discussing the veritable irregularities of Australian visas and U.S. Immigration authorities.

I’ll post again from vacationland.

Christine July 24, 2013 at 2:26 pm

New Guy Luke was Australian. AUSTRALIAN, Dylan. I would’ve been perfectly content listening to him read aloud from the phonebook, if they still existed. 😉 The fact that he was also interesting is what kept us there for so long. If he ever brings his wife, all bets are off: double the accents = double the auditory pleasure = double the Panera time.

Dianna (Running Chick) July 21, 2013 at 5:04 pm

There are few people that I am willing to suffer in the heat for David! I look forward to our post-race beach re-cap every year! See you soon – safe travels. Oh, and I prefer daisies. 🙂

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