Blogging beats tweets and FB posts

by david on July 2, 2013

I was in a conversation today with several (perhaps) new readers. I said I had a Twitter account but still haven’t had an ah-ha moment that prompts me to tweet about it in 140 characters or less. Jennifer suggested I should tweet that sentiment. I’d rather write about it without editing it down to 140 bare essentials. Where is the richness in that?

Later today, I spent some time assessing what would be a valuable tweet for me to read. I don’t necessarily want to link off somewhere to read the rest of some teased story. I think I want wisdom, which can come in short bursts. Something a sage philosopher would craft and post in a moment of genius insight. It actually appealed to me as a viable option for my tweeting.

Trouble is, I am, as are most philosophers, inclined to get in hot water with opinions that may not be PC, or that certainly lead to suspicion of bias by those not open-minded to different thought. I really don’t need to go there publicly. I’m not close enough to retirement to not give a flip. So tweeting philosophy is out. I’ll wrap it up in more words and story-telling, like on this blog.

Facebook is a nice vehicle for marketing my blog to the world I’ve allowed to be my “friend.” But Facebook isn’t where I can exercise my writing thrills and skills. Going long on Facebook (clicking more) is anathema. So I’m staying here.

Meanwhile, welcome Nicole, Jennifer, Michelle and Anne, if you’re here.

Sunday’s run.

I did not sleep well enough to feel ready for nine miles on Sunday so I did 9.3 miles instead. What was I thinking?

I felt soreness afterwards like I haven’t felt in six months. My Sunday afternoon gimping was humorous to some people but I knew what it was and didn’t care. It had me remembering how and what to do as I ramp up the mileage for the summer race season ahead.

Jack was back from driving rain, plenty of heat and a nasty spill while visiting Bob in Vermont. Fortunately, Jack performed better than expected Sunday despite a shoulder that isn’t quite right.

Relieved of reporter duties this week, I was able to kibitz with a few folks before the morning run, like Liz, Arnett and Jamie, Ed, and Christine. The crowd was twice as big as last week, with 14 this time, as Jack reported.

I took off with all of them dead tired and dead last. If it weren’t for Jack’s bad shoulder I’d have been a-one man long runner team. He ran the two miles home. I ran on and on with a few Jack-cuts along the way so I could keep up/pass many in the group.

Water was shut off at the Bonita park (4th mile) so we raided the fasties’ cooler and its Gatorade. The city better get the lines turned back on soon!

We ran to Seth’s house (5th mile) and, instead of frozen ice pops like Cheryl and Marcus put out last week, we had a Powerade concession served up by Seth himself, duded out in a race kit that looked like it was put together by a fashion designer. So un-Seth, it made me laugh. About six of us congregated there for awhile chatting and hearing about Seth’s recent 50k run and the next one he was sure to invite us to run with him. I always graciously decline. Are you nuts? 50k is not in my golf bag.

From Seth’s house the lonely times were upon me. I had skirted about 1.3 miles of the five miles so had 5-1/2 to go. I played my watch timer run-walk game of running for descending repeats of 90-second intervals followed by one 90-second walk. I started at double-7s and got down to double-2s by the time I reached the Rollins tennis courts. It worked out well enough but I felt like it was a lot. I had planned on nine miles but the Google pedometer told me later it was longer. Oh well. It’s all good.

After the run. I walked up to Panera and ordered up a coffee and cashed in my free bagel coupon and sat with Jack and Mary plus Charlene who had gathered for post-run mid-morning breakfast. In that time together I heard an intriguing story from Jack that explained how he almost became a Mormon. You’ll have to ask him. Or Mary. She likes to rip on him for the good-loving sport of it.

Next Sunday will be a “miss” for my running and blogging since I’ll be somewhere else where I won’t have computer access. Maybe I’ll tweet something from my phone. It might be philosophical.